SSD Overview in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles, CA

SSD Overview

Since 1956, Social Security Disability Insurance has been an effective social insurance program that helps individuals whose physical or mental disabilities are so severe that they cannot do any work on a full- time basis.  Meeting basic needs and expenses are nearly impossible when an individual is unable to work.

Here are some important facts:

  1. Our Social Security system protects American workers and their families against death and disability.
  2. Few workers have alternatives.  1 in 3 private sector workers have employer-provided disability insurance.
  3. Social Security Disability Insurance provides vital economic security to more that 8 million disabled workers.
  4. Workers must have paid into the Social Security by payroll taxes to be eligible for benefits.
  5. Workers must also meet the Social Security disability standard to qualify for benefits.
  6. On average, benefits are $1,171 per month for individuals and $1,850 per month for families.   These benefits are determined on what was paid into Social Security while the individual was working.
  7. Benefits are usually half (1/2) or less of earnings for most disabled workers

By keeping this program for the American workers who have paid into the system, it can help to prevent serious burdens, such as homelessness brought on by foreclosures, evictions and bankruptcy.

The number of people receiving Social Security Disability has increased,  due to the fact that baby boomers are aging and reaching high disability years.  Statistics show that people are twice as likely to be disabled at age 50 as they are at age 40 and twice as likely to be disabled at age 60 as they are at age 50.

The raised retirement age also adds to the increase in the number of people receiving disability benefits.   As the Social Security retirement age rises, disable workers receive benefits for a longer period of time before converting to retirement benefits.

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