Social Security Disability Application Process

Life shouldn’t be a struggle for you because of a highly debilitating disability. Millions of Americans cannot completely fulfill the task of sustaining themselves with a full-time job because they have a disability. In that event, Social Security disability benefits can help alleviate the burden of the financial struggle by providing supplementary income. The application procedure can be difficult but becomes easier when completed by following the steps of the disability determination process and with the help of a disability attorney.

Now that you are starting the application process, you can also receive additional direction on how to successfully complete it. Contact Pisegna And Zimmerman today to help you finish the application with no errors. 

SSD Application

Step By Step Process for Social Security Disability Application 

The social security disability application doesn’t have to be an enigma for first-time applicants. Follow these carefully outlined guidelines to help keep you on top of your paperwork. 

Understand Eligibility

Before you begin the application process, you have to identify whether you satisfy the definition of disabled according to Social Security laws. Regarding this law, you must be burdened with a severe impairment with the inability to commit to heavy work due to your medical conditions. Also, this state of incapacity has to last at least one year or can result in death. If it is a child who is disabled, the physical impairment must strongly limit their ability to move. The medical condition of the child also has to last a minimum of one year, or result in death, for this disability to qualify. For disabled children, there are slightly different guidelines and protocols. Some of the conditions a child may qualify for include total deafness or blindness, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, intellectual disability for ages 4 and up, muscular dystrophy, HIV infection, and a birth weight of below 2 pounds.  

Provide Evidence For Your Disability

Now, you can begin the process as a Social Security Disability applicant since you have fulfilled the terms of a legal disability. During the first stage, you must apply and submit the claim in addition to documentation and evidence of your disability. All of this information has to follow the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book, which is the formal Disability Evaluation Under Social Security. This book highlights the criteria that qualify individuals for disability according to the specific conditions that pertain to their medical diagnosis. The diagnosis can be anything from mental and neurological disorders to respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. There is no limitation on the type of medical disease that can be classified as a legal disability. 

Follow the Disability Checklist

The Checklist for Online Adult Disability Application will guide you on the information you will need to apply. This includes the place of birth and date, marital status, names and birth dates of children, and US Military service status. You also must include recent employer details in addition to 2 years of prior experience, which does not include self-employment. Also, include your direct deposit information for domestic and international bank accounts. Next, you must include your medical conditions and information of any medical records. This includes any healthcare professional you worked with, the hospitals or clinics you attended, their contact information and location, and any prescriptions you used. The reason you took the medication and the medical tests you received are additional details you can’t leave out. Any education or specialized training should be a part of the application. Lastly, add information about your job history, such as how your disability influenced your ability to work and the types of jobs you worked before being incapable of functioning. You can add additional information for the convenience of helping Social Security Administration personnel to better understand your situation. 

How To Apply

Don’t delay your application because as soon as you are disabled, you can immediately begin the process online. You can also schedule an appointment with representatives who will help you apply over the phone. There is also a phone line for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. The other options are to apply in person or by mail. To apply in person, you have to visit a local social security office by using their office locator search engine tool. Mailed documents must always include a social security number. After this, the administration will carefully review the application.

What Happens Next

After you have applied and the application is processed, you will receive a letter designating whether you are deemed disabled or not. The decision on family members is included in this letter as well. You can also check the status of your application by calling their hotline number. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can request an appeal in writing within a 60 day period of having received the decision. This follows a four-stage appeal process:

  1. The administration reconsiders the disability.
  2. You receive a hearing with an administrative judge.
  3. The Social Security Appeals Council review the case.
  4. The federal courts review the case.

Payment Options

Currently, the US Treasure requires electronic benefit payments. If you receive paper payments by mistake, there is the option to change the payment method using Go Direct to stay in compliance with the law. Visit the website so you can switch how you receive social security benefits. 

Additional Social Security Benefit Questions

To get started with your social security disability application process, you can work with a team of professionals who can provide knowledgeable advice. There is a lot of information to cover. However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Contact Pisegna and Zimmerman today for a free consultation.

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