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After struggling with a life-changing disability or reaching a certain age, you may be eligible for Social Security Income (SSI) benefits. In 2019, the average amount of SSI disability benefits for disabled individuals was $566 per month with a maximum of $783 for an individual and $1,175 for a couple. SSI benefits support you through troubling times. 

SSI aims to help workers and their families replace lost income due to aging or a debilitating medical issue. You can speak to Social Security disability attorneys in Norwalk who have years of experience filing SSI claims for their clients. To answer any questions that you have and help clarify how the application process works, speak to Pisegna and Zimmerman now for a free consultation.

What Are Social Security Benefits?


The Social Security Administration created this program to pay monthly benefits to individuals with limited resources are income. Applicants are either blind, disabled, or over the age of 65. Applicants may also be children who are disabled or blind. The US Treasury generates these funds using corporate and personal income taxes. 

How Do I Apply?

When you apply for SSI benefits, you must follow a step-by-step process that requires personal records and documentation.

Personal Information 

When applying for SSI benefits, you must provide information about your date of birth and your birth country. If you were not born in the US, you must provide a permanent resident card number. 

Other information you must include is the name of your current spouse and any previous spouses that you had been married to for over 10 years. Details of the marriage must be submitted, such as the place and date of the marriage. 

If you served in the military, you must provide the type of duty that you delivered, the time frame, and the military branch. 

You should also include the names and birthdates of children who are under the age of 18 and not married or are 18 to 19 and are still attending secondary school full-time. Also, mention any children under your care who became disabled before the age of 22. 

You’ll also need to provide employment history information covering the last two years. If self-employed, submit your total net income over the last two years. You also must provide your banking information, such as bank routing and account number.

Medical Information

The application will also have to list all your medical conditions. You must mention healthcare professionals, doctors, clinics, or hospitals who have treated you. Your application will request patient ID numbers, medical exams, medications, treatment types, and the dates you were treated. 

Include who prescribed you medication and the reason for your treatments. List your medical conditions and how they affected your ability to work. Other medical records that you must include are workers’ compensation benefits, vocational rehabilitation services, public welfare, and any medical help you received during prison or jail time.

After I Submit My Application, What Happens Next?

After you’ve completed and submitted the application, the Social Security Administration will review the application and reach out to you if they have additional questions. It may be necessary to provide additional documentation if there are some gaps in your application. 

Basic Requirements Reviewed

You must meet the basic eligibility requirements before you can receive disability benefits. 

Work Requirements

There are a specific number of work credits required before you qualify for disability benefits.

Application Forwarded To Disability Determination Services

After the Social Security Administration deems you eligible for SSI benefits, your application will be forwarded to the Disability Determination Services who then processes your application. This is a state office and not a federal administration.

State Agency Makes Final Decision

Your local state office makes the final disability decision based on eligibility requirements.

What Happens If I Am Declined?

You may have been declined for a number of reasons. However, if you truly believe you’re eligible, you can undergo the appeal process. You can initiate your appeal claim online using the supplied form if you were denied for medical reasons. This requires the Appeal Request and Appeal Disability Report forms

If you’re denied for non-medical reasons, then you must contact your local Social Security office to review your application. To file an appeal for a non-medical reason, you can call 1-800-772-1213. For those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, you can call 1-800-325-0778.

How Do I Learn More About Who Decides If I’m Disabled?

If you have additional questions, reach out to our law firm. We have a track record of successfully helping SSI applicants who had difficulty receiving benefits. We can help you every step of the way, from reviewing your information before applying to assisting in an appeal if you were denied. For more information, contact Pisegna and Zimmerman for a free consultation.

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