Social Security Attorney in Los Angeles

At Pisegna And Zimmerman, LLC, social security disability attorney, Los Angeles, we assist clients that are seeking social security disability or have suffered injuries at the hands of someone else. If you belong to any of the categories, contact our law office, and they will put you through an experienced Los Angeles social security disability lawyer. 

As per statistics, 25% of the people in their 20s become disabled before they reach 67 years of age. We often hear about the injuries that can bring about disability, but only when it actually happens, do we realize the reality of it all. Given the high probability, it is financially smart to save up money that will act as a security income, and as a net for you to fall back on, in case the worse happens. 

Social Security Disability

Social Security disability was designed to fill in monetary gaps, and disability benefits certainly help too. However, it isn’t easy to get approved. The documentation process is complicated, long, and not easy to comprehend. The situation is made far worse when you are grappling with an injury. With physical and mental excursion at its peak, it is near impossible to concentrate on something as ordinary as filling out paperwork, regardless of how important it is. 

In this case, enlisting the help of a Social Security disability attorney pays off by leaps and bounds. We are aware of the process, having helped many of our clients through it. We guide you through the process and ensure that you get your Social Security disability benefits.

Old Men on Wheelchair

Qualification Required for Disability Benefits

To claim the disability benefits, the prime factor in qualifying is having worked in the occupations that come under disability benefits. Another factor is that your medical condition should abide by the definition of disability as defined by disability law. One thing to note here is that the law only covers people completely disabled. There are no benefits to people who are temporarily or party disabled.