Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney

Our Social Security disability attorney at Pisegna and Zimmerman, LLC, in Los Angeles, California, will assist clients who are seeking Social Security disability or have suffered injuries at the hands of someone else. If you belong to any of the categories, contact our law office today, and they will put you in contact with an experienced Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer who can help you with successfully filing your disability claim.

Statistics show that 25% of people become disabled before they reach 67 years of age. We often hear about the injuries that can bring about disability, but only when it actually happens, we don’t realize the reality of it all. Given the high probability, it is financially smart to save up money that will act as a security income, and as a net for you to fall back on, in case the worst happens.

No one ever thinks about being disabled until the unthinkable happens. You can turn to a national organization or a disability advocates group for support. However, a lawyer experienced in these matters is the best way to file a disability claim and get the approval you need so you can get money to pay for all your expenses before the debts pile up.